Why do you fail

in your business?


In this book you will discover that


Many entrepreneurs are convinced, they know a lot about their business. Although it’s true, they often do not see some frequent mistakes, which constantly pull their business down.

You will be able to check if you have fallen into some of the traps that make it difficult to enter the 7 figure business
You will find out what are the other pitfalls you can still fall into
You will learn how to introduce a new company or a new product and service into the market so it is fully successful
You will understand why it is so important that you become a financial director of your own company if you want to develop it to the 7 figure business

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About authors

Ann Kupisz-Cichosz

The business owner investing in the real estate, stock and cryptocurrencies market. She is an economist, negotiator, psychologist, author of business books, lecturer of Innovation and Technology Project Management postgraduate studies at Collegium Civitas, business mentor and coach sharing her over 10 years' experience in building and running her own companies.

Charles Cichosz

The business owner with over 10 years' experience, an investor in the real estate and cryptocurrencies market as well as an investor on the Polish and American capital market. Auditor, economist, manager, business and IT solution architect, and business mentor sharing his over 10 years' experience in building and running his own businesses.

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