Possibilities of cooperation
Not everyone needs several months of mentoring. Sometimes you just need a consultation on a selected narrow area of business to go ahead.

That is why Ann and Charles created the possibility of using laser mentoring. It involves a meeting lasting up to 2 hours. It is preceded by a detailed questionnaire allowing you, Ann and Charles to prepare for mentoring so that it is maximally effective.

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The Profit Boost Program is intended for those business owners who already have 6-figure annual income and want to enter a higher level.

The Profit Boost program consists of a 3-month cooperation in a small group of business owners at the same level of company development. In the group, you will work under the leadership of Ann and Charles. The program is a combination of group collaboration with individual cooperation with Ann and Charles, during which, under their supervision and substantive support, you will build a new strategy for your business pursuing the assumed financial goal and start implementing this strategy right away.

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Individual Mentoring is intended for those business owners who want to make a significant breakthrough in their business and significantly step up their business. By deciding on such cooperation, you will not only get access to Anna and Karol, but also their total/full involvement in your business as if it were their own. If you want to reach for 7-figure turnovers, efficiently manage your company's finances, expand your business and learn how to make wise investments then this offer is perfect for you.

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Briefly about Ann and Charles
Ann Kupisz-Cichosz and Charles Cichosz are a couple of entrepreneurs operating in business for over 10 years. During this time they've launched and successfully developed several own companies in Poland and Great Britain including companies in such sectors as the real estate, IT, education and training.

They are mentors of entrepreneurs who already have a 6-figure annual turnover in their companies and want to enter a higher 6-figure or 7-figure level.

Their understanding of how business works results in the fact that for over 5 years many entrepreneurs have come to them. Those entrepreneurs are not only from Poland but also from such countries as Great Britain, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg and even Mauritius.



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